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Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment


SAFE is a non-profit association of volunteer instructors with a common purpose of promoting safe, ethical hunting as a way of life and the shooting sports as safe, worthwhile forms of recreation. The volunteer is the backbone of our efforts and is recognized as such in a meaningful and rewarding fashion. Any money gained or earned is used for furthering these objectives.

Mission educate people involved in hunting and shooting sports so they behave in a safe and responsible fashion instil in the hunter a sense of values and code of ethics that reflect the expectations of society increase participation in hunting and the shooting sports as a way of life dedicated to the conservation of our natural resources


PO Box 3147
Regina SK S4P 3G7
phone: 306-352-6730
fax: 306-352-6765

SAFE is located at 869 Argyle St North.


Through our network of dedicated volunteer instructors, we accomplish our mission by:

...providing essential skills training in the handling of firearms and hunting equipment

...educating hunters and shooters of the expectations they must fulfil

...increasing awareness, through education, of hunting and disciplines relevant to hunting

...creating opportunities for participation in hunting and shooting sports

...delivering basic training on a cost recovery basis